What to Include on Your Board Meeting Agenda

The agenda for a board meeting is the document that defines what will be discussed, voted on and approved at the next meeting. Creating an effective board meeting agenda requires a deep understanding of your own organization’s requirements and the preferences of its members. This document should be designed in conjunction with other members to ensure that the highest quality information, engagement and efficiency are accomplished.

At the top of your board meeting agenda should be an orderly call and followed by the secretary of your board reading the minutes of the meeting that was held. This informs everyone of what they think board chat room about in relation to the previous decisions and discussions and will allow them to get into new topics more quickly.

This portion of the agenda will include important information from the main players in the room on a wide variety of subjects. Depending on the company structure it may include reports from the executive director or finance director, or even from the program committee. Board members may also ask questions about these presentations or any other news that is relevant to the topic.

This is the last spot in which your board members can set aside time to discuss any new issues or concerns they would like to bring up. This is a great time to make special announcements, send congratulatory messages or shout-outs. The facilitator of your meeting will announce the date of the next meeting.

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