Secure Data Room Features

Secure data rooms (SDR) is an online repository that allows companies to share sensitive documents with other parties within a secure environment. It is used in various business transactions, like mergers and purchases and fundraising, IPOs or legal proceedings, where it’s important that external parties review confidential documents without exposing the company or creating a compliance issue.

Secure Data Room Features

The top virtual datarooms are equipped with the latest security features that safeguard your sensitive information from malicious actors. These include virus and intrusion protection, data encryption (at at rest and while in transit) as well as network firewalls and other features to ensure that your data remains protected from cyberattacks and theft.

The ability to track and restrict access to the data room is one the most crucial features of a secure dataroom. This is critical since most data breaches are the result of human error, like clicking on an online link or downloading a file which contains personal information. A secure data room must be able to stop these errors by blocking downloads as well as providing detailed alerts and activity reports.

Another feature that is commonly used is NDA gating. This permits companies to make an invitation to the data room by providing an unique NDA link that expires after a specific period of time. NDA gating makes it easy for companies to protect their data while still allowing a prospective buyer or investor the opportunity to view a complete data set and analyze the company’s capabilities.

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