How to Set Up Your Data Room

When you’re looking to set up your data room, first identify which documents will be uploaded and which users will need access to the information. Then, structure your data room accordingly. Use folders to organize documents together, and indexing so that users can find files more easily using metadata or keywords. Also, be sure to include a version control feature in your data room (standard with PandaDoc) to ensure that users have access to the most current and accurate version of each document.

Additionally, you should consider creating adding a Q&A area to your data room, where you are able to answer frequently asked questions from potential investors to accelerate the process of making a deal. This feature is particularly useful in the case of dealing with a large number of potential investors, as it makes the entire due diligence process much more efficient for all parties involved.

It is also possible to increase the effectiveness of your Data Room using its auditability features. These feature allow you to know who has visited what and when. This is extremely useful in terms of project management since you can monitor the progress of every document and determine any areas that need attention. For instance, you could be able to see that a person has been looking at one of your documents multiple times it could be an indicator that they aren’t able to comprehend the content. With this data in hand, you can then quickly resolve any issues and possibly negotiate an improved deal for your company.

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