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Beauty Cloud – Korean Cosmetics & Lifestyle  is not just a name of an Organization, It’s our dream just like our child.
Basically I am a Housewife, after completing my Master’s and other studies I have started my Career as a Teacher. But due to some Health issues I couldn’t continue my job. But I always wanted to do something independently and then few years earlier I felt like to do something.
Literally I was inspired by my Husband Naeem Uddin Mahmood who has been doing business with South Korea since year 2007. We are the Exclusive Distributor of VIRDI and IDIS Brand who makes Fingerprint Access Controller / Attendance Device and CCTV Solutions.
In this regards I got opportunity to visit South Korea first time in year 2009. Since then I am a frequent traveler of Korea and rest of the world.
I must say South Korea is so much developed and modernized Country and Full of Natural Beauties. South Korean People are so organized, hardworking, honest, committed And Helpful. In Business they ensure Quality and safety in first stage and try to use quality full and natural ingredients in most of their Skincare & cosmetics products Line. To Know Korean Manufacturers we have visited several times Korean Cosmetics trade shows also.
You can find  that they have many renowned Skincare brands now a days. While my visit to Korea, I saw Women and Men both are very much concern about Skin care, Body care, Hair Care and Lip care. We can say, they always want to remain presentable all the time.
In every street or shopping malls or Departmental stores I found huge varieties of skin care products and cosmetics line up, they have many famous Korean Skin care and Cosmetic Brand shops everywhere.
In the market they have  professional range to everyday use cosmetics in their list. The most attractive part is, they mostly use animal fat free, Cruelty Free and natural ingredients in every skin care products which carry almost zero risk. As we know Every Cosmetic or skin care products may not suitable for everybody. That’s why they make product based on different skin types. So Since then I have an inner desire in my mind to work with these natural ingredient based skin care products. Each & Every time whenever I visited Korea these skin care product lines amazed me a lot and I always felt urge to do something in my country…
By the Grace of Allah in year 2018, at last I have made up my mind and with the help of my Husband I have started my Journey Through my Facebook Page Named: Beauty Cloud- Korean Cosmetics & Lifestyle. As all we know Korean Products are little bit expensive than USA or UK made products but in spite of this my motto is to provide good quality Korean Skin Care products in an Affordable price. Since then Our Journey have started and moving slowly by understanding Product, Place & People.


We are currently working with Six Companies. We are Exclusive Distributor for Fascy, Beauadd, ORJENA, Dearboo, Thinco and Official Reseller for Barulab. We are trying our level best to provide authentic Korean Skin Care Products in an affordable price.



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